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We have had some users experience random disconnects. Several have reported that the problem corrects itself when the modem code is updated. Please check your modem manufacturer or computer manufacturer web page for the latest code. For a good explanation of the development problems with the 56k modem standards and the fixes for the problems you might want to see or .

Lucent Technologies, also has some specific recommendations for enhancing an unstable modem connection.

Try disabling flow control for the modem.Go to My Computer, then Dial up networking. Right click on the DUN connection to Internet of Northwest Illinois, select properties. Press configure below the name of the modem. Press the connection tab, then the advanced button. Uncheck flow control.

Try 3 commas after the phone number. Go to My Computer, then Dial up networking. Right click on the DUN connection to Internet of Northwest Illinois, select properties. Place three commas after the phone number. This will prevent your modem from hearing the Portmaster's initial K56 flex tones, which may be causing your modem to behave strangely.

I have also found that reducing the graphics acceleration on some computers will stabilize the modem connection. This is done by right clicking on the My Computer icon, left click on properties, click on the performance tab then the graphics button and then sliding the graphics acceleration slide from full acceleration to 3/4.

56k Modem Test: I found this modem test number that is supported by the Houston Area Computer Users. It will return a graphical printout of a test of your telephone line conditions.  From your hyperterminal program have your modem dial 1-713-693-0399. Chose T for text display, then H for hang up.  It then gives you the test results in graphic form with other technical information regarding your telephone line. This line test will give you specific information why your line will or will not support 56k modem speeds.

If you are experiencing problems with your connection to, please call for assistance or check the links listed here.

Search the Web

Yahoo, Excite, Infoseek, lycos, dogpile, beaucoup, askjeeves

A  search engine is a remotely accessible program that lets you do keyword searches for information on the Internet. These search engines are just a few of the many on the web.  Dogpile is a multi-search engine that will return results from many search engines. Askjeeves is a natural language search engine. Search Engine Watch  provides detailed information on how search engines work, along with tips on getting better results.


Curt's high speed modem pageNetscape FAQ, Microsoft FAQ

Solutions for internet related problems and how-to's. This will be a series of questions and answers that we have come across that may help you with your internet experience.

Downloads and Upgrades

There are hundreds of programs that can be run over the internet. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and Opera are some of the web browser programs available. There are also upgrades and patches (bug fixes) available for the Windows 95 operating system as well as drivers for your modems, printers and other peripherals. For best performance, and compatibility with our equipment, we recommend that you check the sites of your equipment manufacturers for their most recent drivers and flash upgrades.

Services and Prices

We offer monthly internet access for $20.00 per month and annual internet access for $200.00 per year. These prices include e-mail service. We do not charge a connect or disconnect fee. Personal web pages up to 5 meg. are an additional $5.00 per month. We also offer domain hosting for up to 25 meg. for an additional $40.00 per month.

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Terms of Use

Useage of the services of Internet of Northwest Illinois are upon the terms and conditions set forth in our of our acceptable use policies. Please request a copy if you have any questions.

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